What To Do If Your Hair Won’t Hold Color

In this world of fashion, many people, mostly women, want to change their appearance with the help of using wigs and/or hair extensions. There are several reasons for doing it and its vary according to their opinion. Some woman take it because of her cancer treatments or other physical reasons, on the other hand some have short hair and want to change their style to a longer one without waiting for her natural hair. Whatever the reason, but one reason is confirm that in this modern age everyone wants to look handsome and natural. That is why they all are crazy about hair extensions. Remy hair is one of the best choices for those who want to be looking very natural. But the same time the question is raised that what is it? Now I am going to describe some useful things about Remy Hair.

Everyday thousands of Hindus gather in religious places like temples to pray to God and sacrifice their long tresses. Temples have tonsure (cutting) rooms where devotees sit in rows and get their heads shaved by people appointed by the temple. The cutting process is done in a clean hygienic environment using disposable razors. The hair is then collected and put aside for auction. The bundles of cut tresses in these auctions are usually sold by the ton. A chain of buying continues from the main buyer to various middle men and distributors. These large quantities of hair are sent to the factories of the suppliers and then sorted, hackled and sorted by length. It is then sterilized, washed and dried under the sun outdoors. After drying, it is drawn and tied into bundles.

Many people are confused with the difference between remy and Brazilian virgin hair. You will see a lot of these lace wigs labeled as virgin or remy, but do you really know what type of hair it is? The description is in the name itself. Virgin hair is unprocessed or untouched hair straight from a donor’s head. This hair has never been colored or steamed in any way, completely natural. Remy hair on the other hand, is a cutically aligned hair which could be processed, in one way or another. Each hair cuticle is aligned in one uniform way, which lessens the tangling of these hairs. A Remy hair could have color or be treated to achieve a certain style.

Attached and left in: These wafts of commercial fiber extensions are attached to the natural hair through one of several methods. These wafts can be sewn in, clipped in or bonded with adhesive. The items are so sturdy that they are left in for a couple of months and shampooed and brushed like the natural portion.

After a few uses, you should notice your hair becoming stronger, see less breakage and begin to notice regular new growth. By using the product as directed and massaging a little into the scalp daily, this moisturizer will also reduce itchiness and add moisture to a dry scalp.

They will come in pieces of 24 inches long and will usually come in four to five pieces per pack, obviously depending on the over all length of the hair. If you plan on getting a full braid, usually you will need about six ounces of 14 inch hair. Of course some people will use less and some people will use more, it completely depends on you and the look you want. It’s always best, however, to make sure you use two packs so you can make sure it is enough for your hair weave. On the other hand, if you are using 18 inch hair lengths, you can buy one pack which would be enough for four to five tracks.

China – Chinese hair is usually very straight and coarser than Indian, European or Russian hair. If you can get real remy Chinese hair that has not been over bleached it can be very beautiful, Make sure your client’s hair is straight and medium /coarse in texture or it will not look natural. Most Chinese hair is non-remy and will only last a short time.

Wave hair extensions are sported by popular celebrities in different shades and textures. Most white women have slight waves in their curl and mostly like to wear their curl in a light wave or straight. For someone with frizzy curls who irons her hair on a daily basis and wants to wear curl additions, it is advisable to go for medium curls so that the straightening of the extended hair becomes easy.

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