Ideas For A Great Slumber Party

Are you currently a independent musician and performer interested in launch your next cd, or mix tape however are having problems acquiring production. Or perhaps you are like me and don’t have a big budget to shell out on beats. I’ve been releasing music over the past 5yrs now and have developed a great group of followers selling my music on the web.

The Eagles were officially formed in 1971 with four members, Don Henley on drums, guitarist Glenn Frey, bass player Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon, who played a variety of stringed instruments.

And let’s not leave out the positive message of the song. The general gist of the song is that men should grow to VALUE independent women with jobs of their own, talents of their own, and so on, not try to quash their talents. I can relate to this song because Mrs. Koolbreeze, in many ways is one such lady. She works for a nursery school; she is taking classes at a local college; and she has also started her own non-profit organisation.

Family Guy saw a lot of success on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim and was brought back to Fox. While Futurama isn’t being brought back to Fox the show has also seen a lot of success on Adult Swim and they decided to make four straight to DVD movies. The first is called Futurama: Bender’s Big Score. Bender’s Big Score is said to have a ridiculous plot and many guest appearances from the original show. If you know anybody that is a Futurama fan then this is a must for your Christmas shopping list this holiday season.

Since 2003 millions of songs and movies have been downloaded from Itunes. Many people go to the site to browse through and rate matokeo ya kidato cha nne or listen to previews of new music.

At #6 on my list is a song “Brutha,” by Angie Stone, who, like the person at #7, is one of the most underrated singing stars of the Decade. I love the video to this song. In it Stone salutes all of the strong Black men of our time, from Jesse Jackson to our incarcerated men. As an African-American man myself, I salute her.

So what does the “King of Pop” have to do with Fox’s hit musical? On the same episode as Charice’s return February 6, the gang is set to perform a musical number to Jackson’s “Thriller” — along with another song in mash-up fashion. (Spoiler ahead!) We have already seen photos of the gang dressed up in football uniforms, and also with zombie paint akin to what Michael had in his video.

There were other songs from the 2000s which, indeed, deserve an honourable mention, like Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly,” from 2007, or Yael Naim’s “New Soul,” a retro-70s song by a very talented French-Israeli girl, from early 2008. These are singers from which we hope to hear sometime again in the 2010s, when maybe once again we will not favour music from artists who are less than talented, whose music does not make us feel anything, does not tell us a story.

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